CeMSIM Software

Software Framework for Multimodal Interactive Simulations (SoFMIS) allows rapid creation of interactive environments of arbitrary complexity. This has various collision detection and simulation engines (skeleton-based, spring-mass, finite element, meshfree, data-driven) and also allows development of networked environments for tele-virtual reality applications. Game engines (e.g., PhysX, Bullet, etc) may also be used from within this framework.

The IFEM code is a parallel multi-physics solver using finite elements that can simulate fully-coupled FSI problems. Efficient finite element library, dealii, is deployed to handle the finite element ingredients. Multiple third-party libraries such as PETSc, p4est, etc. are used to deal with linear algebra, mesh partitioning, and proper documentation efficiently. cMake is used for building the code on cross-platforms. MPI is used for high performance parallelization of the algorithm. This code is open-source and maintained on GitHub.

iMSTK  Logo

iMSTK is an open source software toolkit designed for rapid prototyping of interactive simulation applications. It provides an easy to use framework that can be extended and can be interfaced with other third party libraries for the development of medical simulators without restrictive licenses. The framework is built using high quality software infrastructure and the goal is to cultivate a vibrant open source community around this framework.