About CeMSIM

A true interdisciplinary endeavor, CeMSIM seeks to develop advanced  modeling, simulation and imaging technology for healthcare, and transition those technologies to clinical practice – from the lab bench to the hospital bedside.

The Center for Modeling, Simulation and Imaging in Medicine (CeMSIM) has been developed with the following mission

To actively develop advanced modeling, simulation and imaging (MSI) technology for healthcare through interdisciplinary collaborations with the aim of transitioning the technology to clinical practice – from  the laboratory bench to the hospital bedside.

This is guided by the following founding vision

We envision that the CeMSIM will develop into a premier research center at the intersection of technology and medicine by proactively developing novel modeling, simulation and imaging technologies and responding to the technological needs of the healthcare enterprise through individual, interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary team efforts. The CeMSIM will allow rapid translation of such technology from the bench to the bedside and into the larger community and back through the support and coordination of investigator initiatives.

CeMSIM Partners