Virtual Endoluminal Surgical Simulator (VESS) for Colorectal Cancer


This project aims to design, develop and validate a Virtual Endoluminal Surgical Simulator (VESS) that can be used to train endoscopists in Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection (ESD). A virtual reality (VR)-based simulator with visual and haptic feedback for training in colorectal ESD is being developed, which the aim to allow trainees to attain competence in a controlled environment with no risk to patients. In this work, a newly developed application of the virtual simulator that promotes the endoscopists to perform and assess technical skills in ESD is being developed. Training tasks will be built based on physics-based computational models of human anatomy with tumors.

Focus Area: 
Haptics and Virtual Reality
Real-time Computational Algorithms
Project Sponsor:
Grant Name: 
NIH/NCI R01 CA197491
Virtual surgical simulator, Virtual reality, Physics-based modeling, Cutting simulation, Soft tissue simulation, Collision detection and response