Software Framework for Multimodal Interactive Simulations (SoFMIS) allows rapid creation of interactive environments of arbitrary complexity. This has various collision detection and simulation engines (skeleton-based, spring-mass, finite element, meshfree, data-driven) and also allows development of networked environments for tele-virtual reality applications. Game engines (e.g., PhysX, Bullet, etc) may also be used from within this framework.

Development of interactive simulation is very complex and challenging task. A typical simulator involves several components such as physics engine, rendering engine, haptic rendering, collision detection and response, and more. Besides the functional complexity of each component, they all work at different rates. The synchronization and seamless data communication of a multithreaded, highly parallel environment is absolutely necessary in this regard. This is in addition to the algorithmic complexity of the internal components and simulation specific details. Therefore SoFMIS provides the necessary environment to develop interactive simulations. It also allows developers and researchers to focus on their logic or simulator specific details instead of delving into details of the parallel multi modal infrastructure. Moreover, its basic architecture facilities adding more modules and extend the functionalities.

SoFMIS includes the following features:

  • Physics Simulation

    • Finite Element Method

    • Mass-Spring Method

    • Mesh Free Method

    • Skeleton Based Deformation

    • Articulated Links

  • Rendering

    • Shaders GLSL and CG Shaders

    • Vertex Buffer Objects

    • Frame Buffer Objects

    • Various File format such as 3DS, OBJ

  • Collision Detection

    • Dynamic Point

    • Mesh2Mesh, Mesh2Line

    • Rigid Body Collisions

  • Haptic Interaction

    • Surgical Tool Interaction

    • Multiple haptic tool interaction

  • Network Communication

  • Special Effects

    • Blood Flow

    • Smoke Effect

  • Event Record Mechanism

    • Events for simulation

    • Scene Export/Import

  • Integration with various Physics Engines

    • Integration with Physx, Bullet


You can read more about SoFMIS here.