Kartik Josyula gives two talks at USNCCM14

Kartik Josyula speaks at USNCCM14

Kartik Josyula gave the following two talks at the 14th U.S. National Congress on Computational Mechanics (USNCCM14):

Title: Multi-physics Modeling of Thermomechanical Response of Ultrasonically Activated Soft Tissue

We have developed a multi-physics model to investigate the effects of cavitation, due to large transient pressure changes, on the thermomechanical response of soft tissue subjected to ultrasound vibrations.

Title: A Thermodynamically Consistent Level Set Approach for Shock-induced α-γ Phase Transition of RDX

We employ the level set method to study shock-induced α-γ phase transformation in RDX single crystals. Our approach is based on a regularization energy functional that does not require explicit reinitialization.