Virtual Transluminal Endoscopic Skill Trainer (VTEST)

VTEST Simulator
Focus Area: 
Haptics and Virtual Reality
Real-time Computational Algorithms
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Natural Orifice Translumenal Endoscopic Surgery (NOTES) is an emerging surgical paradigm, where peritoneal access is achieved through one of the natural orifices of the body. It is being reported as a safe and feasible surgical technique with significantly reduced external scarring. Virtual Translumenal Endoscopic Surgical Trainer (VTEST™) is the first virtual reality simulator for the NOTES. Through collaboration with clinical leaders in the NOTES field, the VTEST™ simulator was designed to train surgeons to successfully complete a hybrid transvaginal NOTES cholecystectomy procedure. Ultimately, the VTEST™ may lead to surgical trainees with higher patient outcomes for a NOTES based procedure.

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