Suvranu De

J Erik Jonsson '22 Distinguished Professor of Engineering, Department Head and Director, CeMSIM
Mechanical Aerospace and Nuclear Engineering

Sc.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Professor, MANE, BME and ITWS Departments, RPI 2011 - present Director, Center for Modeling, Simulation and Imaging in Medicine (CeMSIM), RPI 2010 - present Associate Professor, MANE, BLE and ITWS Departments, RPI 2007 - 2010 Assistant Professor, MANE Department, RPI 2002 - 2007 Research Scientist, Research Laboratory of Electronics, MIT Oct 2000 - Dec 2001 Fast computational tools for MEMS design Multimodal medical simulations Graduate Research Assistant, Department of Mechanical Engineering, MIT May 1997 - Sep 2000 Meshfree Methods: Method of Finite Spheres Virtual environments for medical simulation Biomechanics of touch Research Associate, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore Sept 1993 - Jan 1995 FE algorithms for large deformation elastoplastic boundary value problems

Selected Publications: 
The method of finite spheres (2000)|X|De, S. and Bathe, K. J., The method of finite spheres with improved numerical integration(2001)|X|De, S. and Bathe, K. J., Towards an efficient meshless computational technique: the method of finite spheres (2001)|X|Displacement/ pressure mixed interpolation in the method of finite spheres (2001)|X|On the method of finite spheres in applications: towards the use with ADINA and a surgical simulator (2003)|X|Hierarchical tree-based discretization in the method of finite spheres (2003)|X|Efficient computation of drag forces on micro-machined devices using a boundary integral equation-based solver (2003)|X|Physically-based real time simulation of soft tissues in multimodal medical simulations|X|Towards an automatic discretization scheme for the method of finite spheres and its coupling with the finite element method|X|The role of haptics in medical simulations|X|A unified approach to multimodal rendering of heterogeneous scenes using point clouds|X|A finite element mode