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Clinical Medicine and Therapy

This will involve MSI in the nonsurgical treatment of diseases, either of one particular organ system or the body in general with application to cardiology, haematology, pediatrics, gastroenterology,  hepatology, pulmonology, nephrology, pediatrics, critical care medicine, infectious diseases, oncology, getriatrics, infectious diseases and sleep medicine. Most of the fundamental MSI research in biofulids and mass transport, cardiovasular biomechanics, muscoloskeletal biomechanics, soft tissue biomechanics,  regenerative medicine, nuclear medicine and neural engineering fall within the purview of this thrust.

Example Projects- Clinical Medicine and Therapy

This project is to use mathematical models to study the functions of the left atrium appendage and analyze the interactions of left atrium appendage with surrounding blood in sinus and irregular rhythms.

This project aims at developing a computational model of the lung for the entire breathing cycle based on patient-specific 4D CT scans and physiological pressure-volume curves. The model may be used in simulating radiation therapy of lung cancer.